Asymmetric Love, Number 02, Photo: Heinz Holzmann, Courtesy of the artists and The Robert D. Bielecki Collection, New York

Addie Wagenknecht 
*1981 in Portland
lives in New York and Austria

Stefan Hechenberger 
*1979 in Innsbruck
lives in Austria


This 360 degree surveillance ‘chandelier’ by Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger explores the relationship between failure and empowerment. With Asymmetric Love, and Wagenknecht’s and Hechenberger’s other pieces, they cleverly conceit a narrative that becomes a commentary on the masses. This familiar object known to us from our private environment, has been fabricated and therefore becomes an object which interferes and disturbs our personal space. Currently the discussion of the surveillance is very present in the media, and this could be seen as a monument devoted to this issue.

In collaboration with Matthias Tarasiewicz, Artistic Technology Research (University of Applied Arts Vienna)