Still from 'QUIEN LO VIVE QUIEN LO VIVE QUIEN LO GOZA – LA MASCARA DE LA MALDAD (LIVE IT TO ENJOY IT – THE MASK OF EVIL)', 2012-2013, video installation (c) Alberto de Michele

Alberto de Michele
*1980 in Venice
lives in Amsterdam

This work features a former assassin from Colombia whom De Michele met in Aruba. De Michele gave him a camera as a present and in subsequent years he regularly received video messages from the Colombian. When De Michele was offered a chance to go to Colombia for an artist in residence program, the ex criminal let him know that he had just decided to return to his hometown near Cali, where De Michele would be staying. The safest place for them to meet and talk was a museum. Against this background, the former assassin talks about his fears and memories. He evokes mixed feelings in the viewer. On the one hand he appears to be haunted by his acts in the past, while on the other hand he doesn’t show any remorse, and by the way he looks for consolation and distraction by visiting museums and making d rawings, he creates a confusing link between the artist and the criminal.