The inland printer – 164, 2012-2013, Archival pigment print, painted frame, aluminium composite material, Courtesy of the Artist and American Medium, New York

Andrew Norman Wilson
*1983 in the USA
lives in New York

This project is a photographic series made of Google Books images in which err ors in the scanning process are visible.The yellowbadge workers that are the subject of Workers Leaving the Googleplex is the same group of workers responsible for the scanning of books for Google Books images. The focus is no longer on Google’s employment practices, but interplay between digital and analog. The photographs presented are in fact errors from scans of individual pages that Wilson found by looking through hundreds of books online.

Andrew Norman Wilson’s viral video piece Workers Leaving the Googleplex contains footage of two Google locations in Mountain View, California, with a voiceover narrative spoken by Wilson. The content for this video came out of Wilson’s experience of working at Google in 2007. The piece presents the class structure of Google shown through Wilson’s encounter with the yellowbadge workers, a topsecret group of workers that scan books for Google Book Search. The artist’s attempts to film and interview the yellowbadge workers were stopped quickly by Google security and resulted in the termination of his employment at Google.