SKILIFT, 2010-2013, Mixed media installation, Courtesy of Jelena Misković, Mislos Dodjevic, Vladimir Peric, Mark Vos

Jelena Misković
*1970 in Sremska Mitrovica
lives in the Netherlands

SKILIFT is a readymade installation proposed for Amsterdam or any other city. This project researches the strongest sculptural and monumental memory object from Misković’s childhood. It openly deals with an idea of big, expensive, important and huge, in an age where artists are continually encouraged to think big. This creation of an object from an artists memory is placed in an ever-growing city in order to impose herself on the city. In fact this is a way of interfering with the identity of the city , as well as demanding her place in this fast changing environment. Therefore, reestablishment, recreation and interrelation (exchange) of the identities is the main focus of this work.