The Next Day – David Bowie, Album Cover, 2013 © Jonathan Barnbrook, Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment / Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook for David Bowie
*1966 in Luton
lives in London

The Next Day artwork and campaign were created to mark the release of the David Bowie album The Next Day. Unlike most record covers it was conceived as an idea in all media from posters to guerrilla advertising. The album cover featured a controversial and much discussed reappropriation and defacing of one of Bowie's own previous covers from the 1977 album Heroes. Barnbrook in doing so, confronted the viewer with the expectation of the 'new image' each time a pop star releases a new album. It also  refers to the endless comparison of each new Bowie release to his older 1970s work. Finally, the design highlights that we have no, we fill in the blank square.