Mex 2, shot 1, from 'Vecinos Distantes / Distant Neighbours', 2008, Colour photography, Courtesy of the Artist and Carla & Hugo Brown Collection, Amsterdam, Den Haag

Lucy Wood
*1969 in Eton
lives in London

Vecinos Distantes / Distant Neighbours, is a documentation of the migration of Mexicans and Central Americans from Mexico to Arizona USA. It documents the disappearance of people attempting to cross the border, presented in photographs of a photojournalistic nature and bronze casts of migrants’ belongings found at the scene. Wood’s work is based on issues dealing with social, political and environmental entrapment. She has recently focused on migration, building a series of exhibitions surrounding issues of global migration. Vecinos Distantes / Distant Neighbours creates a presence of the disappeared, forgotten people, creating a shockingly vivid artistic narrative.