Islamic Carding, 2007 (c) Shahram Entkhabi

Shahram Entekhabi 
*1963 in Berujerd
lives in Berlin

Since 2001, Shahram Entekhabi has been covering female heads and bodies in fashion magazines, on Persian miniatures, on postcards, and in advertisements with black veils to sensitize Western viewers to the practical use of the chador as an omnipresent element of the everyday life in his home country Iran. Ironically, at the same time he refers to the common practice during the time of the Islamic revolution in Iran when religious leaders censored books and magazines by covering images of female bodies. By covering the naked bodies of female models on prostitute cards collected from phone booths in heavily touristed areas of London, he combines the two different understandings of the female body. In the Western context, naked female bodies suggest the notion of women as "ready-to-use" objects, while Muslim cultures totally hide the female body in an act of appropriation for religious reasons.