This is not me, this is also me, 2010, Performance photo documentation (c) Vanessa Lodigiani, Photo: Eduardo Dali Reyes

Vanessa Lodigiani
*1977 in Mexico City
lives in Berlin

In the performance entitled This is not me, this is also me, Vanessa Lodigiani dressed as six different identities and sat with Marina Abramović in the course of six different days during The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The piece culminated with the artist appearing in a full length burqa with only her eyes revealed, annulling her identity as an artist and as an individual. Lodigiani instead becomes the embodiment of a collective identity, as the question of what it means to be 'the other' comes into focus forcing the viewers, who are unaware of the performance, to wrestle with their own prejudices set within the sociopolitical context.